Clean All the Carpets and Upholstery Items without Any Trouble

Trouble Free Carpet Cleaning

Summary: Clean your carpet and upholstery items effectively, without damaging any of your belongings

Cleaning all of the household items is one of the most important and difficult tasks to do, many factors need to be considered while cleaning any of the household items, the cleaning process needs to be precise and hygienic. If the objects and household items are untidy then there is a chance of getting sick because of the germs that are present in the untidy objects. 

Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning is one of the most important tasks to do and keeping the floor and carpets clean has many health benefits too with the help of our own made chemicals. The floor and carpets get cleaned easily and the longevity of the floor and carpets also increase. 

There are Two Types of Carpet Cleaning Process:

Steam Carpet Cleaning Process

The process includes high-pressure jet spray, vacuum cleaner, water, and some cleaning chemicals.

  • First, the water is sprayed with jet spray.
  • Then it is vacuumed out from the carpet.
  • Then again water is sprayed with some chemicals mixed in it and is vacuumed out again.

This process is repeated until and unless the stains and marks are removed from the carpet. This process is mostly performed during summers because the carpet takes a lot of time to get dried.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Process

This process still uses some water but fewer amounts as compared to steam cleaning. The dry cleaning process uses a machine fitted with rotating plastic fiber pads which spins very fast and continuously hits the carpets which results in getting out the entire dust and dirt particle away from the carpet.

It is mostly used in winters because keeping households dry and warm is good in winters.

 Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery is a thick soft material used to cover the furniture in a house or popularly known as one kind of foam. All the dirt particles get stored in the edges of the upholstery which looks unpleasant and can have many germs too. With the help of steam cleaning the upholstery cleaning can be performed easily and effectively too, the only problem is that it will take a long period to get the water off. Upholstery cleaning should mostly be performed in summers. 

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